Get support for the export of your products to German-speaking countries or to Sweden


We have the know-how

As experienced sales consultants we analyze, design and develop markets within the food industry, and serve your customers. Whether you are at the start of the exporting phase or have first contacts and/or customers – with our extensive experience we can support you at each stage of the POS.

The key to success

Our job is to help you as producers and open the doors to the German/Austrian food market. We help with inventory, market research, opportunity analysis consultation, review of product maturity and brand building. In the next stage we can offer wholesale listing services and sales optimization, sales assistance and participation in trade fairs. We can also assist with maintenance of the product range and construction of distribution networks. When we are convinced that your benefits clearly exceed our fee, that’s when we’ll work together! When you know that markets differ due to cultural differences you know that it is more efficient to get help from sales professionals with German mentality (even if you have German language skills).

Contact us to learn more about your chances in Germany/Austria. Food prices in German-speaking countries tend to be lower than the European average, but the potential for export is therefore large, it is crucial that good profits can be made with the right concept.